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Dating services to look your best online!LookBetterOnline was created by online daters to help online daters."  So say the site founders, Dave Coy and Merav Knafo.

After Dave and Merav met and married through, they set up the site to help other singles still trying to come together online.

The goal of online dating is NOT to be a career dater, but strive to make the NEXT date your LAST date.

One crucial element to success is LOOKING YOUR BEST ONLINE.

So how does it all work? Easy...
  1. Choose a photographer from a recommended list in your area.
  2. Complete the order form.
  3. Your photographer will call you within 48 hours.
  4. Meet with your photographer for a 45 minute shoot. Smile!
  5. Login afterward to download your 12 web-ready photos.
Post your professional photos to your dating profile and see your inbox fill up with quality singles wanting to meet you!
Primary Focus: Professional online photos and dating-related personals services
Last Reviewed:
Service Territory: USA and Canada
Target Audience: Everyone who wants to look their best!
Services: Professional online photos - from photographers in your area.

Profile Makeover
- from headline to essay, and everything in-between, you'll get professional advice.

Dating Coaches put you at ease and assist you in your dating experience.

Business and Professional Photos - not just for dating anymore!

Dating Articles and e-Cards to boot!

Client satisfaction comes with a 100% guarantee.
Site Testimonials: "I had a fantastic experience with your service...Not even a week and a half with my new photos, I met a very wonderful and special guy... If this so happens to be my bashert (soul mate), I look forward to working with you again as my wedding photographers! Thank you so much for your service!!! Sincerely, Cynthia" - Cynthia, Houston, TX

"I get a lot of compliments on the pictures
, I am meeting higher-quality people, and I have a great collection of photos to use at work or to send family or friends." - Sutton, San Francisco, CA

"The responses I'm getting now from women definitely are of a different caliber than the ones who wrote to my "before" pictures...which is a huge improvement over what was happening previously." - Eric, Scottsdale, AZ
Demerits: Not available everywhere - check for your US or Canadian city.
Friendly Advice: As with any Internet dating site, be yourself.  One of the most difficult things for us to do is view ourselves as others see us. Do your best to be accurate in your description, and use this service to post recent photos. Trust me, it will enhance your Internet dating experience.
LookBetterOnline and start matchmaking NOW!

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