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Shalom! JLove is a Jewish dating service and matchmaking site designed exclusively for single Jewish men and women looking for romance and marriage. Founded by one of the creators of the popular Jewish dating site, offers a great, competitive alternative for those who have yet to find their beshert.

Meet Jewish Singles now! Single, Jewish, and looking for your your predestined soulmate? Then JLove is among the best online dating services for you to find your true spiritual love match.

Whether you are orthodox, conservative, or even secular, finding your Jewish match is made much easier through JLove.

Site Quote: "Welcome to JLove, the place to find your perfect match. Share mutual attraction and your Jewish heritage. The Yentas and traditional matchmakers of the world are out of work now that JLove offers you the miracle of personal connection through the magic of modern technology. It takes almost no time at all to create a free profile and start viewing other Jewish singles in your area."
Primary Focus: Jewish matchmaking, dating, and chat.
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Membership Info: FREE basic membership.
Service Territory: Global
Target Audience: Jewish Singles - Heterosexual
Merits: FREE basic, non-expiring membership.

Premium members have access to chat, instant messenger, email, and more.
Exclusively created for Jewish singles to meet thier bashert, thier soulmate!

J Kismet Online Webzine - Your one stop resource for everything dating related, a webzine that will offer a wealth of information and expert advice about dating and relationships, entertainment and health. Post feedback, take interactive polls and even ask experts for advice.
  • Read hundreds of dating and relationship articles by top experts.
  • Interact with our expert relationship advisors.
  • Researched tips you'll want for creating an amazing profile.
  • Guidelines for every step of the connection process.
  • Flirting tips, Dating Do's and Don'ts, Safety tips.
  • Explore the psychology of online dating.
  • Find out what others think about dating today.
Weekly Newsletter - Keep on top of current dating trends with JLove's free newsletter - featuring the latest information on dating and relationships -  including fresh dating advice, tips, success stories, and fun, interactive polls.

Cute Site Quote: "...let JLove help you find the person that you (and your mother) have been searching for..."

Relatively new site, but a popular place with a large membership. Knows what Jewish singles are looking for in online matchmaking.

Site Quote: "JLove is easy to use. It gives you immediate access to potential partners, all within the faith. Take advantage of our exciting new services including video instant messaging, live chat, and much more. Read up on the current dating scene in our online magazine - JKismet. Let JLove help you have fun finding your true love. Get used to hearing Mazel Tov!"
Demerits: None. Excellent site and large membership full of Jewish personal ads.
Friendly Advice: As with any Internet dating site, be yourself.  One of the most difficult things for us to do is view ourselves as others see us. Do your best to be accurate in your description, and post recent photos. Trust me, it will enhance your Internet dating experience.
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