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Primary Focus: iFriends offers adult web cam chat rooms for live video chat on an endless list of topical chatrooms.  

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"The world's largest online videochat community"

"Live People, Live VideoChat, Live Answers, Live Fun. Not just chat  . . . VideoChat!"

"Why iFriends? Because a live picture -- with sound -- is worth more than a thousand words. And what's more fun than Live VideoChat?"

"Speakers in 144 Countries...Listeners in 146 countries...Discussion leaders and experts of every flavor...Eight million+ users...the largest and most popular interactive, multimedia-enabled expression and communication platform on Planet Earth."
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Membership Info: FREE web cam chat rooms.

Part of the growing FriendFinder Network of online dating and related web communities boasting 20 million members:
Service Territory: Global - 140+ countries for gosh sake!
Target Audience: Anyone over 18 with a computer and web cam.
Features: PG and R Rated chat rooms, as well as adult-rated chat rooms.

Access to most areas of the iFriends platform is entirely FREE:
  • iFriends Archive Explorer
  • free live guest videochat
  • bulletin boards
  • member profiles
  • and all other free members-only services
Paid members can also access:
  • live videochat interface to premium video-chat rooms
  • membership to a video chathost's "fan club" (both of which may or may not involve fees, subject to the discretion and control of the Video Chathost)
  • iFriends "ClubVIP" or ClubElite premium packages (see below).
VIP-only Enhanced VideoChat Features:
  • ZoomVision: "Is that a tongue-ring?" To get a closer view, VIP members can zoom the webcam window all the way to full-screen, for the ultimate "extreme close up". Webcam image can be up to four to eight times usual size (for regular members, webcam window size is limited to 1/4 screen to 1/8 screen).
  • RealityMotion: For VIP users, webcam video streams at twice the normal rate, for continuous, TV-style motion.
  • MutualView: Optional "two-way" videochat capability that permits you and the chathost to see each other (only available if you have a webcam and desire this feature)
  • GoPrivate Button: When pressed, locks out any additional users from accessing the chatroom until you leave, leaving you alone with the chathost in privacy.
  • Free "Voyeur View" Preview: Gives you a free 20-second "mini peek" inside every premium live videochat room, before you enter. And it's LIVE! With Free VIP VoyeurView, there's no "surprises" when you enter live videochat!
VIP-only Other Enhanced Features:
  • SuperArchives: Unrestricted Access to entire archive history of every iFriends chathost, since iFriends' debut on Valentine's Day, 1998 (literally millions of images & clips!)
  • HighDef Video: ClubVIP members enjoy access to higher-quality HD videos on iFriends than regular members.
  • Favorites List: Personalized window that displays all available live chathosts which you have previously added to your "Favorites" list, or with whom you have spent considerable time online in the past.
  • View Multiple Free Live Voyeur Views at the same time! All online chathosts listed in your "Favorites List" (see below) may now be viewed simultaneously, live and free. (Option can be toggled on or off)
  • Hot Prospects List: Personalized window that suggests available chathosts based upon similarity of characteristics with chathosts in your Favorites List (similar to's "people who bought your book also bought the following books....")
  • Instant Notify option: Receive email/ICQ alerts the moment your favorite chathosts log in. 
  • Download Archive VideoClips for Offline Viewing: VIP members can download and save to disk any iFriends LiveStream videoclip, for unlimited local playback. (Regular members are only able to view -- but not save -- archive videoclips)
  • "SuperSize" features: Many areas of iFriends offer "supersize" display features available only to ClubVIP members. Archive Explorer, VideoClipExplorer, Profile Surfer, and individual archive views, to name just a few.
VIP-only Savings:
  • Great discounts, 10%-50%, available from participating chat host merchants.
VIP-only Customer Service:
  • Plenty of exclusive members-only enhanced customer service support features. Very nice.
Merits: Massive 8,000,000+ user membership makes this the largest adult web cam video chat site on the planet.

Most services are FREE.

Sheriff's Office - If you see something you not only find personally offensive, but that you are also convinced might violate the law, tell iFriends.

iFriends cooperates with local, state and federal law-enforcement agencies in the investigation and prosecution of various crimes ranging from credit-card fraud to obscenity.

Excellent site organization and navigation. Extensive feature list. Tons of chat rooms. Easy to use.

Excellent performance (speed at which site loads).
Demerits: If adult content is not for you, then neither is this site.
Friendly Advice: Behave and live by the golden rule.
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