Speed Dating - A Unique Approach to Online Dating

Speed dating at HurryDate - a great way to meet tons of singles in one evening!Not enough hours in the day? Too busy for dating? Here's great news...

Speed dating is tailor-made for today's busy professional.
Meet multiple potential matches in one evening, in a comfortable, enjoyable environment. 

It's easy, fun, and very successful!

Started in the Big Apple by Ken Deckinger and Adele Testani, HurryDate is the biggest and perhaps best speed dating service anywhere.

When you date with speed, you get to meet the “mass quantities” of people you wouldn’t meet in a normal dating night!

At HurryDate, you go on up to 25 dates in one night! 

What sets HurryDate apart from other speed dating services is their online matching system. It enhances the dating experience and makes up for what speed may prevent - taking a second look. All of the profiles of the people who were at our speed dating party will be there for you to browse through.

Site Quote: "It's quick, painless and
really fun! REALLY!"

Here's how HurryDate works...

HurryDate Parties

  • HurryDate speed dating parties let you meet people face-to-face to see if there is chemistry.
  • Each party is held at fun, cool bars and is organized so you'll meet oodles of people on a string of real live mini-dates. 
  • Get your SCOREcard and ID number at check-in and take a seat at one of many tables-for-two.
  • Ready, set, to the person across from you until your host blows the whistle to indicate your date is over (no matter how cute they are!) 
  • Move on to the next HurryDater for another whirlwind conversation. And on it goes! Get the picture?
  • After each date, mark your SCOREcard for those you want to be in touch with. 
  • When the evening is done, take your SCOREcard home and enter who you liked into our online system. We'll then match you up with who is interested in you too! Now contact them!
  • Everyone fills out a profile with a photo to help refresh your memory on those you matched with. Whew, good idea.
  • Crazy? Perhaps! But it's so much fun! 

HurryDate Online

  • HurryDate Online allows HurryDaters everywhere to meet in a!
  • First, create a FREE online profile and be sure to post a bunch of photos
  • Browse profiles of eligibles in your area that tickle your fancy! Check out who we think you might be interested in or simply search to see who is out there.
  • Send a free virtual “Drink” to show you are interested, or subscribe to HurryDate Online to send an email. HurryDate Online subscribers get 25% off all HurryDate events, so you've got nothing to lose!
Primary Focus: Speed dating and online matchmaking
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Membership Info: FREE for the HurryDate Online version
Service Territory: Most major US cities
Target Audience: Heterosexual and Alternative
Merits: Unique and effective approach to dating!

FREE HurryDate Online membership:
  • create a profile with a photo to show your stuff
  • attend virtual HurryDate parties online
  • send "Drinks" to HurryDaters to let them know you are interested
  • get matched up based on your preferences.
HurryDate Parties & HurryDate Online - speed dating and online dating personal ads - a powerful combination for romantic success.

The biggest and perhaps best speed dating service out there.

Gift Certificates - know someone you think would love this? Great gift idea.
Demerits: Not available in MY town!
Friendly Advice: As with any Internet dating site, be yourself.  One of the most difficult things for us to do is view ourselves as others see us. Do your best to be accurate in your description, and post recent photos. Trust me, it will enhance your Internet dating experience.
Ready, set, go! Start matchmaking...visit HurryDate now!