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Serious about dating?
Great Expectations has nearly 30 years of experience in helping people find true love, a distinct advantage over newcomers to the industry. 

They are a true Dating Service, one that takes extra steps to verify and qualify applicants to ensure a safer and more effective dating experience.

So if you have finally decided it’s time to make a change in your social situation, contact Great Expectations.

As a member, you will have access to a team of relationship professionals and thousands of member profiles. Also, you will receive invitations to Great Expectations parties and events exclusive to members. The people you will meet are single and live in your area.

Great Expectations uses a state-of-the-art matching system, coupled with compassionate team members to help put you in your desired relationship quickly. G-E claims the quality of service and attention to detail they provide is unparalleled in the dating industry.

Site Testimonials: "Well, you just never know what’s going to happen. Sometimes you just have to take a chance. Charlie and I both think the money we spent for GE was the best investment we ever made. We'd never have found each other otherwise. We're so lucky!"
"It really works! The video was extremely helpful in seeing the personality of the individual. Great Expectations is an organization that works unlike internet dating services that have no selection to speak of. GE has a bigger and better selection."
Primary Focus: Great Expectations offers online pre-screening and face-to-face dating and matchmaking services for single men and women.
Last Reviewed:
Membership Info: Paid membership, but submittal of initial membership questionnaire info is free.
Service Territory: Over 50 US cities in major metro areas.
Target Audience: Single men and women.
Merits: A true Dating Service for serious relationship-minded singles focused on creating lasting, loving relationships.

Members have access to a team of relationship professionals.

Pre-screening for safe and effective dating:
  • Screen and validate vital information
  • Meet every member face to face
  • Maintain current photographs and videos that accurately represent your potential dates
A combination of a state-of-the-art matching system and a team of relationship professionals to get you into a loving, lasting relationship.

Great Expectations parties and events near you.
Demerits: Only available in major US metropolitan areas.
Friendly Advice: As with any Internet dating site, be yourself.  One of the most difficult things for us to do is view ourselves as others see us. Do your best to be accurate in your description, and post recent photos. Trust me, it will enhance your Internet dating experience.
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