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Fiancee Visas - bring home your beautiful foreign bride for good!OK men, you went on a romance tour, found a beautiful single Russian woman, the love of your life, the foreign bride to be, but now you need to bring her home.

So just exactly what's involved?

A fiancee visa. Specifically, a K1 visa (non-immigrant) allowing your fiancee to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage. This visa is normally valid for a period of three (3) months, during which marriage must occur. No extensions are granted.

If there are children involved, a K2 visa is required for them. Other green card and possible K3 visa processing may also be required.

As you might expect, working through the INS with this process can be involved, confusing, beaurocratic, and time consuming - unless you have some assistance.

So who can help? A Fiancee Visa Service.

There are many such agencies around, but recommends one service that has vast experience in Russian brides, romance tours, foreign brides, and fiancee visas - A Foreign Affair.

A Foreign Affair                                         Full Review

Offering three levels of services from which you can choose. Regardless of level selected, rest assured you will receive fast, professional, and courteous service.

Basic Service

  • Initial consultation with an immigration attorney - telephone or in-person - to answer any questions and address any potential problems to ensure the fastest approval.
  • Fiancé Visa Packet - detailed instructions on required forms and documents to file your I-129F petition. A detailed checklist ensures that all steps are covered.
  • Preparation and assembly of the I-129F petition - an extremely important process - a thorough review is completed prior to submitting for your signature.
  • Follow up after petition submittal - your petition status will be monitored and you will be apprised of the status.

Premium Service

  • Basic Service - includes Basic Service package
  • Phone consultation with Fiancé - your fiancé will be contacted by an attorney in her native language to discuss the process and answer any questions.
  • Fiancé Embassy Packet - completion of all forms required of your fiancé by the Embassy.
  • Embassy Correspondence - as necessary to address any issues.
  • Fiancé Counseling - your petition status will be monitored and you will be apprised of the status.
  • Assistance in the Embassy city - staff will meet with your fiancé in the Embassy city to assist her through the remainder of the process.

Fiance Only Service

  • Premium minus Basic - meant for those who already have an approved petition and desire the Embassy or Fiancé services offered in the Premium Service, but since approval has been granted, the Basic Service package is unnecessary.
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